Posted on Jul 6, 2018

Cranberry Liquors

Wine Tasting July 7, 2018 Cranberry Liquors

Jul 7, 2018 – Jul 7, 2018
As promised… we’re sticking to what’s important.

Wine in cans. In case you weren’t already made aware, wine in cans is already a thing.
Why? One word really says it all.

I mean, it’s the rules. On a boat, no glass allowed!

Tomorrow, we’ll be doing our To Be Expected wine tasting – 1-6 PM Saturday, July 7, 2018.

Essentially Geared Chardonnay, Rose and Cabernet.

$5.99 375ML (that is exactly half a bottle of wine.)

Essentially Geared is a newer wine (for us), but it has been approved for this wine tasting which means it’s up to snuff!

Underwood sparkling (white)
375ML, $6.99

Underwood is kind of a big deal. They were doing Oregon Pinot Noirs before anyone else.

Seriously though, Underwood is sort of famous for their masterful making and marketing of product.

They are ahead of their time… wine in a can.

NOTE: As a person who recently Air Bnb’d at a place without a wine opener, I get it #underwood
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